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Bronze Medal Winner: 2020 Independent Publisher Book Awards. In The Aviators, former Lighthorse Air Cavalry helicopter pilot Rex Gooch airlifts you back in time to the Vietnam War in 1971-72, telling the stories of young aviators, fresh out of flight school, who gallantly serve their country in an controversial war in a foreign land. Told through remarkable first-hand descriptions, with dramatic images and attention to detail, The Aviators is an action-packed narrative of the helicopter pilots, crew chiefs, and door gunners as they fight an elusive, ruthless enemy, put their lives at risk to rescue fellow soldiers, and come to grips with the realization that their lives are changing forever.

After each riveting story—from a horrific Scout helicopter crash, to a valiant attempt to rescue POWs held in a jungle prison camp, to a covert flight into remote areas of Cambodia, and many more—the book addresses the question not often asked: What happened to those heroic men after Vietnam?