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Fresh from HAI HELI-Expo 2019

Members of FOAA are back from a very successful HAI HELI-Expo in Atlanta. Just how successful? Come to our FOAA Annual Membership meeting and find out. Our membership meeting is scheduled for March 23rd at the FOAA Hangar, Blackwell Field, Ozark.

It will be worth your time and effort along with the opportunity for FOAA members and their family members to ride on our beloved 123 Huey by attending the meeting.  The itinerary listed below is to help you plan your day for March 23rd.

  • 1000 hours   Annual Membership meeting
  • 1130 hours   Lunch will be served (231 Bar-B-Que) – hot dogs for kids not wanting BBQ
  • 1300 hours   Families of members will enjoy a single ride each on 123. (Please limit 3 family members per member)
  • 1400 hours   Helicopter rides will be open to the public at $50.00 per rider.

Not a member yet? Come to the hangar and join.

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