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As some of you may or may not have been aware, Doc Holladay and Rich Willis went to Milwaukee, WI  the first of this week in search of and to secure a T-42 flyable aircraft to be added to our current fleet.  The negotiations with the owner went very well and currently we are in the process of developing a proposed contract of a lease and fly application.  If all goes well this aircraft should be added to our fleet sometime in the first part of December.

The owner and his brother will be at our location the afternoon of November 8th and will remain overnight and depart the morning of the 9th to Juniper, FL. They will be ferrying a Cessna 182 purchased by the owners brother.

Look for more information on a get together to show this individual some good, old down home hospitality.

BTW.. he flew bird dogs in Vietnam as a Warrant Officer and among his many talents, he is a retired United Airlines 747 Captain.

We want to thank everyone who made the effort to come to the hangar last Saturday to help the continuing maintenance process of getting our Huey to a flyable status in January 2017.

In the meeting last Saturday after lunch it was discussed and decide that our new call sign for our organization will be “White Horse” and we will assume the colors of D troop 3/5 Cav that was assigned to the 9th Infantry Division in Vietnam.  We will also reach out to the 3/17 Cav located in Savannah, GA and is currently an active duty unit.  Our hope is to develop a mutual support for both organizations and to be able to support any future gatherings that this organization may have.

John Hall is proceeding very nicely with putting our LHFE exemption package together to be presented to the FAA for approval.  Folks, this is the life blood of our future and it is imperative that everyone take a personal interest to ensure that John is supported in every turn and step going forward.  If you are asked to help, please do.

Just a quick word on our engine status for 123.  We have an engine expert due in our hangar the middle of  November who will work diligently to ensure that at least 2 of the 3 engines will be made flyable. For those A&P individuals, this is a golden opportunity to be involved in inspecting, removal and replacing the hot ends on the T-53 engine.  Come support and help as I know you will.

In closing, we want to remind each member the importance of taking an active part in the overall revamping and alignment of the Friends of Army Aviation. This organization has a tremendous amount of work currently on our plate and a little help from everyone who is able would be greatly appreciated by all.

Hey guys, this is your organization.  It is only going to go if you put in the time and effort.  Don’t be bashful, we would love to see all of your smiling shiny faces any day or especially on Saturdays!

Warm regards,


John “Doc” Holladay


Friends of Army Aviation – Ozark

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