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Experience the rich heritage of Army Aviation

Feel what they felt as they flew into war to protect the freedom we enjoy. Connect with them on a new level, and learn what it was like to serve their country. Visit our gallery and see some of our events.

Our passion is to convey the importance of Army Aviation and to remember the role it played in armed conflicts by providing troops with the support needed to achieve their mission and to ensure their survival on the battlefield.

    Flying for

    Check our calendar for an event in your area. Come experience genuine Army aviation history in real life.

    We would love to participate in your next event. Contact us for scheduling and availability.

    Our Purpose

    • Educate the American public to the contributions Army Aviation has provided to the battlefield.
    • Support the families and friends of Soldiers who have given the ultimate in support of freedom around the world.
    • Inspire young people to consider aviation as a career and to honor those soldiers serving past and present.
    • Maintain, restore and preserve authentic legacy Army aircraft used in combat operations and enable the general public the opportunity to ride in and experience the same sights and sounds as those of a combat veteran.

    An opportunity to appreciate

    As time and distance pass, the legacy of the contributions of the American Soldier fades into distant memory. The contributions made by these patriotic Americans should not be lost.

    The ability to keep the “Memory” alive is paramount in our mission. By preserving the rich history of Army Aviation and providing the American citizen the opportunity to appreciate the contributions made by Army aircraft in support of the soldier the memory will live on.

    Please join us as we assist our Veterans with the burden they carry. We cannot cure the problems, but we can help them through the difficult times. Anyone can support our cause by coming to any of the events listed on our Event Calendar.