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Board of Directors Meeting, Nov. 2016

Hey folks.

I am coming to you today with information on what took place at the FAA Board meeting this past Monday, November 14, 2016. It was a very productive and worthwhile gathering with major decisions

being made that will affect our organization going forward.

It is with a great honor for me to inform each of you that we now have a new Chairman of the Board, MG(ret) Lou Hennies.  Gen. Hennies joined the Army in 1962 and has served our Nation with distinction and honor.  His qualifications and guidance will have a major impact on our organization in the coming future.  He has hit the ground running and please make a point to welcome our new Chairman in the FAA family manner.

It is also with a distinct honor and privilege that the Board placed BG(ret) David Allen as Emeritus Chairman of the Board for life.  This is to recognize the tremendous contributions that Gen. Allen has contributed to our organization.  He is a true warrior and has fought long and hard to get the Friends of Army Aviation to where we are today.  We all salute Gen. Allen and we will continue to enjoy his presence at our Saturday morning breakfast and his time spent with us in the hangar. God speed to a great soldier and one fine individual.

There were a number of items discussed of which I will list a few:

1. Organization Chart

2. By-Laws (changes being made that will be presented at the membership annual meeting)

3. Security (upgrading camera coverage of hangar both inside and outside)

4. Sustainability (A business plan was developed and approved by the Board)

5. A lease/purchase contract was approved for the T-42.

6. We have two rotor blades that will allow for 123 flight testing.

7. The Board approved the call sign for FAA will be “Light Horse” for both

rotor and fixed wing.  Nose art of 3/5 Cav and 3/17 Cav was also approved.

As you can see there were a number of topics discussed and you should feel good about the direction the Board is leading our organization.  The negotiation for the T-42 is ongoing and hopefully the contract will be signed and the aircraft delivered by Christmas this year.  Wait until you see it, it will blow your mind!

Just as a reminder, the AAHF-WC will officially be out of the hangar Dec. 1, 2016 and reside at Headland Airport.

Another topic of discussion at the Board meeting dealt with the joint membership between FAA and AAHF-WC.  It was been determined effective January 1, 2017 the joint membership will no longer be recognized except for prior Wiregrass lifetime members. You will be required to join each organization separately.  With this being said, the concern becomes obvious as to organizational business being pollinated between two competing organizations. An understanding needs to be voiced and understood that no Board actions will be disseminated to the general membership except through the office of the President of the Corporation.  I would hope that each member would practice mutual respect for each other’s organization.  This is all about our mission to educate the public and reach out to all our veterans and not to under mind each others organization.

In closing, this organization has come a long way in a very short time and each of you should be very proud and rejoice in what we have accomplished.  We still have a long way to go but we can now see the light at the end of the tunnel. FAA has begun to build a legacy that will be followed for years to come.  We have our webpage and face book page has become top notch thanks to our Webmaster Al Owen. We now have PayPal on our website for donations and new and renewed memberships. Thanks Al for an outstanding job!

Turkey day will soon be upon us and I want to personally wish member and their families a happy and “filling” Thanksgiving.  The hangar will be closed November 23rd thru November 27th and we will reopen on November 28th.  God speed to all and if you are traveling be safe on the road.

Warm regards

John “Doc” Holladay
Friends of Army Aviation – Ozark

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